The Current Necessity Of ATM Monitoring System

- Apr 17, 2018-

In order to prevent the ATM machine case from happening so frequently, people in the banking and security circles used a variety of methods to install an ATM monitoring system around the ATM machine to monitor the use of stolen cards from other people on the ATM. Counterfeit cards illegally withdraw cash, collaborate with many people, interfere with or destroy ATM machines, take other people's cards to withdraw cash or deliberately beat or destroy ATM machines, etc., trying to be able to leave surveillance videos after the incident for police officers to use. Investigation and evidence collection after the incident.

However, from the actual use of the situation, this ATM monitoring system actually only solve the problem of after-examination investigation and evidence collection, and can not stop the crime of the ATM machine, ATM monitoring system used by most banks in the market today, can basically belong To the scope of the "Post-event video search system", this monitoring system can only record the conditions that occurred before the ATM machine 24 hours a day, and it can not provide warnings and alarms in addition to providing after-event video recording. Stop crimes.