ATM Machine Operation Principle!

- Apr 17, 2018-

Each cash box of the ATM machine is equipped with two cash boxes. The collected banknotes are brought out of friction by two serrated rubber rollers. To prevent the banknotes from sticking, the banknotes are also placed one behind the other. The smoothing rubber roller sorts and then enters a series of conveyor belts consisting of bearings and rollers. After passing through the sensor to make sure that no banknotes stick together, the ATM machine will dispense cash at a rate of 5 sheets per second.

The ATM has a built-in safe with a weight of 200 kg. Inside the cabinet door is a 2 cm thick sliding solid steel plate. The steel plate is fixed on the cabinet door by a large bolt. When the handle is turned to close the cabinet door, a solid steel plate with a thickness of 2 cm is used. Horizontal slide locks the safe, the entire sliding plate structure is completely locked by the top door behind the door when the safe is closed, and the top door is controlled by the code lock, so the only way to open the safe is to have the password of the safe keyboard code lock. .