Really safe ATM monitoring card number acquisition module

- Apr 17, 2018-

The card number acquisition module is an important part of ATM monitoring, because it can help show what people are using what card to trade on the ATM, and one of the functions of the card reading module is to determine whether a valid bank card is available. Send the card number and other information to the host (ATMC side) and wait for the next step.

Due to the generality and standardization of the module, the output signal of the card reader module adopts a serial communication method such as universal 485, 422, or 232. The method uses the card reader module to send the card number to the host (ATMC terminal) at the same time. Outbound signals are sent to the ATM monitoring host. Since this method does not involve other data transactions with the ATM host (ATMC side), it is feasible from the security point of view. At the same time, due to the adoption of a common communication method, reliability and operability are also strong.