ATM security equipment

- Apr 17, 2018-

The ATM safety protection equipment mainly refers to the peripheral configuration of ATMs such as ATM guards, ATM protection booths, and ATM protection bays.

ATM machines can be divided into outdoor ATM machines, indoor ATM machines, and stand-alone ATM machines depending on the installation location.

According to the use of ATM machines, indoor ATMs are available in both lobby and wall.

According to the safety performance requirements, outdoor ATM machines have semi-enclosed and fully-enclosed ATM protective booths. The totally enclosed type can be further divided into square and round according to the shape of appearance. The square is known as the outdoor ATM protective booth and the round is called ATM protection. cabin.

As an independent self-service silver kiosk for high-end ATM protection products, it has gradually received the attention of the market. The independent operation of the kiosk also allows it to enter densely populated areas such as communities, schools, and plazas, bringing a lot of convenience to people's production and life. .